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NettCo is proudly Australian owned and operated in Ipswich, Queensland. We use Australian raw materials and workmanship to engineer, manufacture and fabricate a range of products to suit Australian conditions. Our products include polymer yarns and textiles, Geotextiles, meshes and netting, shade cloths, and support structures, suitable for agricultural, industrial, commercial and safety industries. Our qualified and experienced team are membrane industry experts for design, engineering and architectural requirements. We have an association with the University of Southern Queensland for development and testing. We use our polymer extrusion equipment and weft insertion warp knitting machinery, to design and manufacture to suit the end-use, and we can fabricate the product to suit heavy use qualifications.For more information and advice on your next project:  Contact Us

Commercial Netting Solutions

 We manufacture commercial netting solutions for a wide range of horticultural, farming and industrial needs

Hail protection mesh, Horticultural protection mesh, Cattle feedlot shade, Bird netting, Fish Netting, 

Commercial car storage shade cloth,  Commercial hail mesh canopies

Commercial Shade Covers, Shade Cloth Covers And Canopies, Scaffolding mesh